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Technology Business Expert is a podcast from Intellect, the industry body for the UK technology sector, and ChangeBEAT, technology business experts and change management specialists.

It is for leaders, executives, managers and ambitious professionals working in technology businesses that sell hardware, software, consulting, outsourcing or deploy technology solutions.

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Introducing Technology Business Expert - In this first episode we describe the breadth of the material we will cover.

Sales Enablement

Who Murdered Sales Enablement? - How to stop spending $135,000 per sales professional per year for no useful result.

It's the Value Stupid! - We reveal who murdered sales enablement and discover the true nature of value.

Consultative Selling

The Magic of Proud Oscar - How to sell value where it really matters, in the customer executive’s office.

Unlocking Your Value - How to unlock your value by creating the environment where your interests and the customers are aligned.

Convincing and Persuading Executives - How to close deals by maximising the value and minimising the risk.

Change Management

The Four Horsemen of the Technology Business - Meet the Four Horsemen of the Technology Industry – the Fighters, Partners, Innovators and Engineers.

Don't Provoke the Change Beast - How to avoid shortening your career and bringing vilification and contempt down on your head.

Sales Campaign Planning

The Battlefield - How to ensure your competitors end up face down in the mud!

Project Management

Putting Wizards and Princes to Work - How to ensure your delivery organisation is working at peak performance.

Business Planning

The Right Plan for the Job - and don't forget the Pizza! - How to get the right business plan for the job.

A Business Plan in a Week with a Cherry on Top! - How to produce a business plan with a cherry on top in just a week.

Sales Forecasting

How Not to Annoy the Snake - How to forecast future sales without getting a nasty bite.

Risk Assessment

The Cinderella of Team Selling Skills - How to avoid spending a lot of time and money upsetting your customer.

Sales Leadership and Management

A Five-Point Plan for Surviving the Perfect Storm - How to keep sales going in a recession and bounce back to win market share.

Visionaries and Taskmasters - How to paint a vision for your sales team like Martin Luther King and then execute it like Attila the Hun.

Proposal Production

The Knock-Out Punch - When and how to produce knockout proposals.


Only Play to Win - How to assess your prospects of success before engaging with an “opportunity”.

Marketing Strategy

The Right Sized Fish for the Rock Pool - Does your market strategy ensure you are destined to be a big fish, or a shark snack?


Harvesting Your Oyster Bed - How to generate revenue from your support organisation.

The Pearl in your Oyster - How to keep your customer happy and your costs covered even when times are hard.

Account Planning

Wake Up and Smell the Roses! - Does your market strategy ensure you are destined to be a big fish, or a shark snack?

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