ExecKIT® Sales Suite overview

The top performing sales professional understands how important it is to optimise performance at every stage of the sales cycle, and uses every means possible to achieve success. Rather than re-invent the wheel or settling for second best, they recognise the value of doing it fast and doing it right first time.


ExecKIT is a highly structured library of practical, pragmatic and action-oriented intellectual property which enables the executive to operate to the highest standards. It covers business planning, marketing, sales, delivery and management support and is used by thousands of executives, managers and professionals in companies worldwide.

ExecKIT Sales Suite 

The ExecKIT Sales Suite equips the sales professional with a powerful tool to improve productivity. Designed by the most successful sales people in the business, ExecKIT Sales Suite explains what winners do, why and how.

ExecKIT Sales Suite contains a crystal clear, step-by-step guide to executing a successful sales campaign, from preparing for first contact, right through to accepting the order and initiating delivery. It consists of preparation and reporting templates; analysis forms; best practice guides; sales aids; document templates; analytical tools; process definitions; training materials; example presentations and checklists.

ExecKIT Sales Suite modules

ExecKIT Sales Suite, licensed under the SalesEXEC 100 programme, includes the following modules

Building the value statement

  • ExecKIT Briefing: Building the Value Proposition provides you with the background information to understand how you can systematically demonstrate business benefits and value for customers by positioning your offerings.

  • ExecKIT Process Guide: Building the Value Proposition explains the steps to analyse markets or target customers' business issues and create relevant, compelling value statements for your offerings.

  • ExecKIT Template: Key Business Issues and Initiatives Log helps you document the business drivers, both external and internal, in a target market or customer.

  • ExecKIT Template: Job Position Interest Map enables you to create value propositions for each job role or individuals in a market or target customer.


Account planning

  • ExecKIT Briefing: Key Account Management provides you with all the necessary background information, insight and knowledge you require to enable you to manage a key account and produce a key account plan.

  • ExecKIT Methodology: Key Account Planning which has a step-by-step guide to key account plan production.

  • ExecKIT Workshop: Key Account Planning is a Microsoft PowerPoint® presentation which is used by a facilitator to run an account planning workshop.

  • ExecKIT Template: Key Account Plan supplies a template for documenting your account plan.



  • ExecKIT Briefing: Prospecting gives you the background information to understand how you can get control over your sales prospecting activities.

  • ExecKIT Process Guide: Prospecting explains the steps to plan, follow up and improve prospecting activities.

  • ExecKIT Template: Prospecting Planning enables you to visualise and plan the approach to a prospect.

  • ExecKIT Template: Prospecting Monitoring allows you to track progress and easily manage many prospecting plans in parallel.

Call planning and reporting

  • ExecKIT Briefing: Call Planning and Reporting equips you with the information you need to plan a successful sales call and report on it.

  • ExecKIT Template: Call Planning supplies a structured template to ensure sales calls are planned for maximum effectiveness.

  • ExecKIT Template: Call Report offers a convenient way of communicating and recording what happened in an important sales call.



  • ExecKIT Briefing: Effective Qualification provides you with the background knowledge to qualify effectively.

  • ExecKIT Methodology: Improving Qualification contains a step-by-step guide to implementing an improved qualification process.

  • ExecKIT Reference: Advanced Qualification Questions provides a list of more subtle questions that can help to elicit the information you need during qualification.

  • ExecKIT Template: Qualification Checklist and Review Form contains a template for you to customise and use in your improved qualification process.

Sales campaign planning

  • ExecKIT Briefing: Winning Competitive Sales Campaigns gives an explanation and background of the concepts of competitive sales campaign planning.

  • ExecKIT Methodology: Planning Competitive Sales Campaigns offers a step-by-step guide to the production of a sales campaign plan.

  • ExecKIT Template: Sales Campaign Plan contains a template for documenting the sales campaign plan.

Proposal production

  • ExecKIT Briefing: Producing Winning Proposals provides you with the background information you need to produce winning proposal documents and raise the efficiency of proposal production within your organisation.

  • ExecKIT Template: Proposal Document supplies you with an example proposal template for you to use or adapt to your own house style.

  • ExecKIT Reference Template: Proposal Dispatch Checklist is used to perform that last minute check on a proposal document to ensure that no embarrassing mistakes are made.

  • ExecKIT Reference: Standards for Business Writing provides a synopsis of good writing practice and a set of standards to achieve consistency in documents built by teams across different functions and/or geographies.

  • ExecKIT Methodology: Efficient Proposal Production offers a step-by-step guide to implementing improvements in the standard and production of your proposals.


Building business cases

  • ExecKIT Briefing: ROI Selling explains the key concepts of working with a customer to build a business case showing a clear Return on Investment (ROI).

  • ExecKIT Process Guide: Building the Business Case contains a step-by-step guide to building a business case.

  • ExecKIT Template: Customer Business Case contains a skeleton business case which can be populated to create a compelling business plan.

Risk assessment

  • ExecKIT Briefing: Risk Assessment and Planning equips you with the background information you need to perform effective risk assessment and planning.

  • ExecKIT Process Guide: Risk Assessment and Planning describes in detail how to perform the process effectively.

  • ExecKIT Template: Risk Register is a simple template for recording and managing risks which survive into the delivery cycle.

  • ExecKIT Gateway: Risk Assessment and Planning may be used to drive a risk assessment and planning meeting. It is used in association with the next document.

  • ExecKIT Reference: Risk Planning Questions - Superset contains a superset of questions commonly used in the risk planning process.

Presentations that sell


  • ExecKIT Briefing: Preparing Selling Presentations provides a briefing about the key points of preparing and making a sales presentation.

  • ExecKIT Process Guide: Preparing Selling Presentations contains a step-by-step guide to preparing for an important sales presentation

  • ExecKIT Template: Presentation Preparation Guide is a planning form to enable you to prepare an effective presentation.

Sales negotiation

  • ExecKIT Briefing: Sales Negotiation provides you with the information and awareness you need to negotiate effective sales agreements.

  • ExecKIT Process Guide: Sales Negotiation is a step-by-step guide to prepare for negotiation and so achieve a favourable agreement.

  • ExecKIT Template: Negotiation Preparation is a planning template which helps you to prepare for the all-important negotiation sessions.

  • ExecKIT Reference: Enriching Currencies offers a list of additional items that may be introduced into the negotiation to broaden the scope and increase the degree of "win/win".

  • ExecKIT Reference: Responses to Buyer Negotiating Objections supplies the arguments you need to counter the more predictable buyer assaults during the early phase of the negotiation.

Order acceptance and project initiation

  • ExecKIT Briefing: Order Acceptance introduces a process to decide whether to accept an order and if so, on what terms. This is particularly useful where no signed formal contract exists.

  • ExecKIT Process Guide: Order Acceptance provides a definition of the process.

  • ExecKIT Gateway: Order Acceptance offers a structured agenda for the meeting at which the commercial decision is taken to start work on a project.

  • ExecKIT Template: Order Acceptance Letter gives a simple structured outline which may be used to formally document order acceptance to the customer.

  • ExecKIT Checklist: Sales to Delivery Handover contains a checklist to be used during the handover process from sales to delivery.

Sales forecasting

  • ExecKIT Briefing: Sales and Revenue Forecasting equips you with the background information you need to implement best practice sales and revenue forecasting.

  • ExecKIT Process Guide: Sales and Revenue Forecasting which can be amended to define your company-wide sales and revenue forecasting process.

  • ExecKIT Template: Sales and Revenue Forecasting Spreadsheet provides a forecasting tool consistent with the ExecKIT® Sales forecasting methodology.

Project support

  • ExecKIT Briefing: Project Management Overview contains an overview of a best practice project management process.

  • ExecKIT Briefing: Project Definition explains the key concepts of defining projects.

  • ExecKIT Process Guide: Defining Projects contains a step-by-step guide to defining projects.

  • ExecKIT Template: Project Definition supplies a template to produce a "best practice" project definition.

How is ExecKIT® supplied?
Relevant modules of ExecKIT® are supplied under licence to individuals or companies under the SalesEXEC 100 programme.

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