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"We wanted to know that our approach was proven by other technology companies."
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BenchMARKER is ChangeBEAT’s database containing over 11,000 data points from over 200 technology companies. 

It enables us to answer the questions that frequently come up when executives want to analyse their performance and compare themselves to the market. For example 

  • What should our win rate be? 

  • What level of project overrun is acceptable? 

  • We qualify out 20% of “opportunities”; is that good or bad? 

  • What should our marketing spend be? 

  • What do different types of company spend on marcomms? 

  • What should I pay my sales reps? 

  • What customer satisfaction level should I expect? 

  • What fee rates should I charge?

provides answers to these questions, and many, many 


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BenchMARKER  shows you how you match up
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