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Success stories
"Business increased in EMEA by 16% quarter-on-quarter as a direct result of the programme." Technology Supplier

Success stories and case studies

Here are just some of the ways ChangeBEAT has helped executives to improve their businesses. Click the links to download the full case study


The SPARC Programme: Preparing for Business Change

The Executive Vice President of Sales, Marketing and Alliances at Avanade, wanted to prepare his phenomenally successful company to transition its sales focus from technology excellence to customer business value. To prepare for this change, he developed a programme to locate, repackage and publicise field-originated selling ideas that exemplified the new approach. Click here for more details.


Sales enablement

Increasing deal size and win rate by demonstrating business value more clearly to the customer. This was achieved by selecting the most valuable offering, creating new specialised value-focused sales enablement tools and using new more intensive and successful communication methods. The pipeline immediately increased nearly fourfold, and subsequent wins amounted to millions of additional dollars. For the full case study click here.


Grow Professional Services

Grow a professional services and consulting business to support product sales and generate a new revenue stream. Professional services have since grown from 3% to 16% of company turnover. For the full case study click here.


Reduce development cycle time

Reduce the development cycle time and improve the efficiency and predictability of a development centre by driving a culture change programme and implementing ISO9001:2000 and PACE disciplines.

For Part One of the Case Study click here and for Part Two click here


Improve sales

For an applications outsourcing company, implement a single, consistent sales process providing short-term productivity improvements and a platform for growth. For the full case study click here

For a retail solutions company, implement a consistent sales process increasing win rate by 20% and eliminating problem projects. For the full case study click here

Increase sales and margins by addressing the ineffectiveness of the sales force. The sales team cost was reduced by 67% but the company achieved annualised revenue growth of 36% and profit by 35%. For the full case study click here

Increasing the sales of software and services across EMEA as part of a programme to protect margin in a competitive hardware market. Just two quarters after programme deployment revenue growth of 160% was achieved. For the full case study click here

Embedding a programme to ensure the anticipated benefits of increased software and services sales were delivered. Six months later the EMEA Director was able to report “a remarkable quarter with revenue up 160% at 108% of plan”. For the full case study click here


Globalise business planning

Enhancing the global business planning process to interlock the top-down view with rolled-up plans from the field. Fifty country and district plans were created to a standard format and then rolled up to give regional views – a vital prerequisite to executing the company’s strategic plans. For the full case study click here


Title  Systems implementation

Evaluating a “failed” systems implementation to determine if it could meet the business requirements and if the business case was sound.

Subsequently, devising and implementing a recovery programme to enhance and document the new processes, train users, address management reporting issues and get the system into productive use delivering measurable benefits. For the full case study click here

Implementing a new business model by developing new business plans with each country management team in EMEA. Within a quarter, the eleven main European countries had produced their new plans, which provided the basis for much improved performance the following year. For the full case study click here


Culture change

Assisting an executive to increase margin by initiating a culture change programme in consultation with opinion formers throughout EMEA. The team defined the vision and the detailed changes required, initiating a pan-European programme that was so successful it was adopted by HQ to be rolled out globally. For the full case study click here

Globalising a successful European programme, by building a business case, validating the approach with senior management, and expanding the programme for global deployment. Software and services revenues grew from 32% to 40% of turnover. For the full case study click here



Helping an expanding software product company to implement a global 24x7 helpdesk and change the culture from reaction to controlled problem management, while retaining the focus on customer satisfaction.



Developing a marketing and sales strategy to take a new product to market and planning and managing the marketing communications plan.

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Here are just a few of the ways we have helped our customers
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