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"A strong set of methodologies, but not ology-fixated" 
Ashridge Management College

Our tools, methods and intellectual property

ChangeBEAT was founded to exploit a pioneering best practice quality system built in the nineties by a leading software house. This system became the first release of ExecKIT when its rights were acquired by ChangeBEAT in 1999.

ChangeBEAT has since invested heavily in unique, specialised tools, methods and intellectual property that enable us to develop, shape and deliver programmes rapidly, consistently and to the highest standard.


Our investment typically reduces the time we need to spend on any engagement by half, meaning we can deliver rapidly and with a lean team. You get what you need faster and you pay less. Our tools and methods include:

  • ProcessMAPPER our model of the activities a technology company performs.

  • ExecKIT the 76 modules of industry best practice, used throughout the world to support business planning, marketing, sales, project management and support activities. 

  • WingBEAT our change management methodology supported by the extensive ToolSET

  • BenefitMAPPER a versatile tool which we use to show how our programmes and technology implementations deliver benefit. 

  • BenchMARKER our database containing over 11,000 data points from over 200 technology companies that we use to benchmark performance. 

  • Our extensive training library which includes twenty training modules covering the technology industry, leadership, sales management, marketing, selling and project management.

Our other intellectual property includes our Articles and White Papers and Case Studies.

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Our remarkable, complete tools, methods and IP...
..mean you get what you need faster at low cost
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