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"The business plan you helped us produce was twice the value and half the cost of the Big Name consultant we previously used."
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Big Name Consultants

Many executives know that by using specialist help they can get things done much more rapidly and effectively than they could do alone. They recognise that specialists provide relevant experience, clear focus, drive, specialised tools, new ideas and objectivity. 

But when considering the option of using a Big Name consultant, they also ask themselves 


  • How soon before I lose control? 

  • Will they sell with angels, but deliver with donkeys? 

  • Will I be invaded by a hoard of juniors doing who-knows-what? 

  • Will their fees make my eyes water? 

  • Will they care about me and my company, or their revenue stream? 

  • Will they all have the deep, relevant, specialist experience I need? 

  • Are they true professionals and will their work be of the highest quality? 

  • Will they really have the specialist tools, knowledge and methods I need? 

  • Will all their people be highly credible with my team?

ChangeBEAT provides a better way to get results without any of these concerns. We are specialists with proven capabilities and a lean approach.

We won’t try to take control, overcharge, or pad out our engagements with juniors. Our specialised tools and methods, and our experienced people, mean you get high value at affordable cost. 

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We are twice the value at half the price of Big Name consultants
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