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"Your expertise in this field is inspiring and reassuring." 

Our credentials

ChangeBEAT people are technology business experts and change management specialists. We provide the lowest risk option to deliver business improvements in technology companies.


  • We have been in business for over fifteen years working exclusively with technology companies and IT departments, implementing local and global programmes to deliver business improvements.


  • We have eighty people with well over a thousand years of relevant experience.


  • We have built a library of industry best practice, ExecKIT, which we use to develop and deliver change programmes. 

  • Our change methodology WingBEAT, backed up by our ToolSET mean that we can fast-track our work and deliver assignments to a consistently high standard. 

  • We have deep experience of working in different company and national cultures.

  • We have a benchmarking database, BenchMARKER, containing over 11,000 data points from more than 200 technology companies that we use to benchmark performance. 

  • BenefitMAPPER, our approach to benefits mapping, helps to develop business cases and ensures you get the benefits you expect from your change programme. 

  • ChangeBEAT has worked in US and UK English, French, German, Spanish, Swiss German, Danish, Flemish, Chinese, Japanese, Italian and Norwegian. 

  • ChangeBEAT's consultative sales model, PROUD OSCAR® is used by over a thousand sales and pre-sales professionals worldwide. 

  • ChangeBEAT people present widely on topics affecting all types of businesses at events for TechUK, the British Computer Society, the World Trade Organisation and the United Nations.  

We have great people, equipped with fantastic tools and methods
We deliver results for any technology company anywhere in the world
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