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Technology Business Expert is a podcast exclusively for technology company executives and provides instant expertise, great ideas and practical approaches on all aspects of planning, marketing, selling, delivering and deploying technology. Click the links to find out more about each episode and listen direct.


  • Introducing Technology Business Expert

Sales Enablement

  • The ValueCYCLE

  • It’s the Value, Stupid!

  • Who murdered sales enablement?


Consultative Selling

  • Convincing and Persuading Executives

  • Unlocking Your Value

  • The Magic of Proud Oscar

Change Management

  • The Four Horsemen of the Technology Business

  • Don't Provoke the Change Beast


Sales Campaign Planning

  • The Battlefield


Project Management

  • Putting Wizards and Princes to Work


Business Planning

  • A Business Plan in a Week with a Cherry on Top!

  • The Right Plan for the Job - and don't forget the Pizza!


Sales Forecasting

  • How Not to Annoy the Snake


Risk Assessment

  • The Cinderella of Team Selling Skills


Sales Leadership and Management

  • Visionaries and Taskmasters

  • A Five-Point Plan for Surviving the Perfect Storm



  • Only Play to Win


Proposal Production

  • The Knockout Punch


Marketing Strategy

  • The Right Sized Fish for the Rock Pool



  • Harvesting your Oyster Bed

  • The Pearl in Your Oyster


Account Planning

  • Wake Up and Smell the Roses

For further information or to submit your own war story please contact:
Tel: +44 (0) 1753 571 620 

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