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"ChangeBEAT are as advanced as anyone I have seen in their thinking about benefits management." Technology Supplier


BenefitMAPPER™ is ChangeBEAT’s extensive ToolKIT and facilitated methodology that enables the suppliers and users of technology solutions to improve their business cases, change planning, communications and benefits management, to secure funding for their projects and to deliver expected benefits.

At the heart of the technique is the creation of a RICE™ Map which relates the Elements of a particular technology solution (or change programme) to the new Capabilities that the solution provides, to the business Improvements that are expected, to the required Results.


The Provenance of BenefitMAPPER

BenefitMAPPER builds on published academic work, which has been extensively developed by ChangeBEAT. It has subsequently been used and proven repeatedly in the field.

ChangeBEAT’s unique innovation is the development of a ToolKIT and a structured methodology for benefits mapping, the abstraction of the “RICE Map” and the explicit linkages to the key solution elements.

Click here to download a more detailed description of how BenefitMAPPER can be applied to improve solution sales and here to download a description of BenefitMAPPER in action.

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BenefitMAPPER helps people understand how to get the benefits
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