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Consultative Selling

Convincing and Persuading Executives

Why is it that some sales professionals are born lucky? Not only do their customers more often make big investments, but for some reason their competitors seem to fade away when the supplier selection is made. 

But this is not luck. It is achieved, not with smoke and mirrors, but through expert consultative selling technique: adding value, articulating benefits, and genuinely helping the customer to achieve the rewards at minimum risk. 

In this, the third episode on consultative selling, we show how Proud Oscar ensures you help the customer to make beneficial decisions, and sell them without them ever knowing they have been sold.  

Unlocking Your Value 

In today’s episode we build on the “The Magic of Proud Oscar” (episode 2) and discuss how the successful sales professional engineers the environment where the customer is willing to allow him or her to add value. 

Our question for today is: “How well are your sales teams working with your customers to understand their real business issues and to add value in helping them to succeed, overcoming the barriers that customers frequently erect?” 

We also tell the sad, sad story of how a very experienced consultative seller paid the price for departing from the Proud Oscar model, and so blew away a fantastic opportunity. 

The Magic of Proud Oscar    

Is your sales team being fully effective, where it matters, in the offices of your customer’s executives? Are they demonstrating the full value and capabilities that your organisation provides, making what they offer highly personal and very relevant? 

In this episode of Technology Business Expert we look at consultative, solution or “pull” selling and say what it really is, and what it is not. We also introduce you to PROUD OSCAR, a magical way of selling value to executives that ensures they only go where they want to, but still end up at your door, with their cheque book out! 

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Convincing and Persuading Executive
Unlocking Your Value
The Magic of Proud Oscar
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