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Delivery planning

  • Do you want to provide a productive and stable delivery environment?

  • Are you planning and delivering the right support to your customers?

  • Has your delivery function got the tools they need?

  • Do they have the skills they need to deliver?

The delivery organisation is the "engine room" of your business, and you need to ensure its success. In changing markets you must move fast to keep up with changing customer needs, while technology and methodology fashions change with the seasons, making it hard to know how to select the tools you need to do the job.

Without a clear plan for managing the delivery function, the effort that goes into securing the sale is wasted, as customers become frustrated and future sales disappear.

The ExecKIT® Delivery Planning Methodology helps you to ensure your delivery function is set for success.

Technology planning


  • Do you want to know you are providing the right tools for your product and service delivery teams?...

  • ...but do you want to avoid changing them every day?

  • Do you want to know how to handle "great new ideas"?...

  • ...but make sure you are taking advantage of the very best technology?

In the IT and technology business only one thing is certain: a constant deluge of new products, including software packages, technical architectures and development platforms, each promising fantastic new benefits, and many attracting passionate disciples within your own organisation.

As the manager responsible for the internal development and delivery environment, you need to ensure your team are using a consistent and coherent set of tools that you can rely on. You also need to ensure that your organisation makes better use of new tools and features than the competition; but you don't want to be changing every day!

You need a clear definition of the hardware and software your delivery team will use, and you need to know how you will evaluate and introduce new tools when that makes business sense.

This ExecKIT® module shows you how to determine the most appropriate technology architectures, platforms and tools to maximise the value of your delivery organisation.

Methodology planning

  • Do you have an effective and well understood delivery methodology?

  • Is the methodology right for your customers and offering?

  • Are you reviewing which methodology to choose?

The right project development and delivery methodology, well applied, provides a structured framework that allows predictable, high quality delivery. On the other hand, the wrong approach will cause productivity and quality to decline, undermining profitability, customer satisfaction and team morale.

You need a clear definition of the methodologies you use, covering design, development, third party integration, testing, project management and quality assurance.

This ExecKIT® module helps you to select, implement and enhance the development and delivery methodologies.

Support strategy

  • Do you want to provide the best support to your customers?

  • Do you want to provide 24x5, 24x7 or international coverage?

  • Do you want to attract and keep the right support people?

  • Do you want to ensure your support operation becomes a differentiator against your competitors?

Support business is great business! Keeping close to your customers and ensuring they are happy makes good business sense. However, if you and your customers are to be happy, then difficult challenges have to be overcome. 

First, you need clearly to define the support services you offer. Second, you must implement the management processes to make sure you can resource and deliver support successfully. Lastly, you must balance the requirements of the customer, the organisation and support professionals to provide a well managed, efficient and scalable support service. 

This ExecKIT® module helps you to implement a superb support strategy. 

Resource planning

  • Do you want the right resources available to deliver the business you sell?

  • Do you want clear capacity and skills planning information?

  • Do you want to develop flexible resourcing options?

The capacity and skills of your delivery team are critical to your organisation's success. Great sales and marketing effort is wasted without the timely availability of skilled delivery people to do the work. 

Planning, tracking and tuning your resources is a daunting task, but this ExecKIT® module helps you to determine the skills and resource levels needed to deliver the business plan. Important factors include the pattern of anticipated demand, planning utilisation rates, understanding costs and fee rates.

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Create a structured framework for high quality delivery
What level of support do you want to provide?
Your delivery team is critical to your company's success
Technology planning
Methodology planning
Support strategy
Resource planning
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