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A helicopter view of the IT and technology industry

This workshop provides you with a “helicopter view” of the structure of the IT and technology marketplace and the people, organisations and companies that work in it.

It looks at the “commercial character” of technology companies and how their offerings typically affect company culture, and at how companies can complement one another, or are destined to compete. 

The workshop covers 

  • The IT and technology marketplace

  • Market maps

  • Evolving business models 

  • Commercial character

  • Friends and foes

  • Strategic business planning

  • Marketing

  • Market coverage models 

  • Channel management

  • Offering development

  • Marketing communications

  • Sales planning and operation

  • Managing delivery 

  • Operational management

  • Support functions (HR, finance, IT, legal) 

The workshop looks at how technology companies plan, market, sell and deliver, using ProcessMAPPER, a powerful model of the business activities performed. 

We promise the world you work in will never look the same again!

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