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Leadership, management and driving business change 


Leading is challenging; managing is difficult. Leading and managing in a time of change is next to impossible! The leader must provide vision and inspiration to the team by appealing to the head and to the heart. A manager must drive and control the team to generate a predictable business outcome with the consistency of a machine. 

The challenge for the IT and technology company executive is to perform both of these roles, while responding to the need to drive perpetual change to keep up with the most dynamic market place in the world.

The workshop covers 


  • The conflicting demands of leadership and management

  • Understanding your leadership style

  • Using your style to best effect

  • Building the team that builds you

  • Coaching

  • Managing performance

  • Managing the company

  • Leading change successfully

This innovative and stimulating workshop explores the issues involved in leading and managing in a lively and participative way, with the emphasis on role-play, case studies and discussion. 

It offers many leadership models, tools and insights that leaders and managers have used successfully.

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