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Marketing is the activity of defining the products and services you will sell and the markets into which you will sell them. 

You need to understand the segments of your chosen markets and the decision-making that will lead to the purchase of offerings you can provide. You then need to consider your offerings in detail, how they should be positioned and packaged and how they will be taken to market and sold. 

ChangeBEAT's ExecKIT® Marketing Methodology enables you to define your marketing strategy.

Market analysis

  • Do you understand your target market in detail?

  • Do you know who your prospects are?

  • Do you know where to find them and how to reach them?


Having identified the markets you wish to serve (during the strategic analysis process) you now need to look at your target markets in detail and identify the niches in which you can best compete.

This ExecKIT® module helps you to perform a detailed segmentation of your markets and make a realistic and intelligent appraisal of how buying decisions are made.

Marketing strategy

  • Is your market positioning clear?

  • Do your customers clearly understand what you are and how you can help?

  • Do your brands command respect and loyalty?


There are many ways to approach a market. For example, you may aspire to be the assertive market leader, the lowest cost solution, the premium value supplier, the niche specialist, the customer-friendly partner, or the "cool techies" who can take on any tricky job.

However, before deciding on the image you want to project, you will need to consider carefully the needs of the market, your company's aspirations, the nature of your offering, your financial muscle, your capabilities, the fashions of the day, what your company really is, and how it is perceived. You also need to consider who the competition is and how you will compete. 

You will then be able to define and develop a realistic branding strategy that is consistent with your company's aspirations, abilities and marketing goals. 
This ExecKIT® module helps you to present a consistent and attractive face to the market that will be believed.

Brand management

Brand management defines your approach to developing and communicating a brand to your target market. In this ExecKIT® module we address the realities and constraints of developing a brand that says what you want to say and, crucially, is understood and believed by your target customers. It discusses

  • Brand dynamics

  • The brand proposition

  • Brand soul

  • Developing the brand

  • Brand communication

  • Trade marks and copyright

  • External forces

Marketing planning

The marketing plan is perhaps the most important document in any company. It describes what the market requires, what the company will sell, who it will sell it to and how it will be bought and sold. It describes the offerings that will be developed and the way in which they will be packaged. It describes the way in which customers will learn about their opportunity to buy. 

Marketing planning is the culmination of marketing analysis, marketing strategy and brand management and defines in detail how the company will engage its market. This ExecKIT® module enables you to build a marketing plan that will greatly enhance your prospects of success.

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What image of your company do you want to project?
Market analysis
Marketing strategy
Brand management
Marketing planning
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