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Advanced project management

Advanced project management is designed for professionals who have project leadership experience and now want to develop skills to enable them to manage large and complex projects. Delegates build on their understanding of project management fundamentals through discussion and by using pragmatic project management techniques. Delegates are equipped with the necessary skills to identify problems before they become serious and to gain increased confidence in dealing with customers through the use of communication and negotiation techniques. 

This module includes

  • Introduction

    • Industry norms

    • Understanding project success criteria

  • Complex projects

    • Getting the basics right

    • Golden rules

    • Running complex projects

    • Use of management review points

  • Managing other professionals

    • Resource planning

    • Dealing with problem people

    • Selecting, building and motivating a team

  • Managing the customer

    • Change control

    • Project negotiation

    • Handling issues and complaints

  • Risk management

  • Problem projects and how to spot them


The course will use substantial hands-on case study material based on actual projects. Delegates will role-play common difficult project management situations including "handling the irate customer" and "giving bad news". 

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