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Fundamentals of project management

Fundamentals of project management has been designed for those professionals making their first move into project leadership or management. It provides new project managers with the skill and knowledge to deliver successful projects. Recognising the importance of project definition and planning are key elements as well as learning how to use the common tools correctly. 

This module ensures that professionals who are new to project leadership will understand the fundamentals of project management. 

It includes


  • The role of the project manager

  • Values: the cornerstone of effectiveness

    • Clarity

    • Honesty

    • Inquisitiveness

    • Communication

  • The fundamentals of project management

    • Project definition and planning

    • Running projects

    • Management review points

  • Managing other professionals

  • Managing the customer

    • Project management tools

    • Project planning, for example Microsoft Project®

    • Project reporting

    • Use of checklists


The course will use substantial hands-on case study material based on actual projects and will allow delegates to role-play common project management moments-of-truth including "handling the jubilant salesman". 

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