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Sales Leadership and Management

Sales leadership in IT and technology organisations presents a unique set of challenges. It is no longer enough to drive a sales organisation just with carrots and sticks. Customers are demanding that we understand their business issues, create compelling business cases and give strong assurances of project success. 

Not only do sales leaders need a team of business-oriented sales professionals, but consultants, project managers and technical consultants must all be mobilized effectively.

At the same time the sales leader must grow the business, implementing the best sales management practice and keeping the pipeline healthy. He or she must forecast accurately and manage, coach, prune and tune the team that will ultimately deliver success. 

The workshop covers


  • Market review

  • Industry norms

  • Defining the team you need

  • Motivating the team

  • Leadership and culture

  • Improving the sales proposition

  • Improving the selling process

  • Sales management systems

  • Pipeline management

  • Sales forecasting and reporting

  • Building your own leadership programme

  • Discussion and summary

The course includes role-play material from recent case studies. 

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