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Sales operations

Sales operations are the activities you need to perform to ensure the smooth running of the sales operation. The ExecKIT® Sales Operations Methodology ensures you have clearly defined the things you need to do to keep the sales running like clockwork.

Sales office 

Successful sales professionals are very valuable people, hard to recruit and retain. If you want a world-class sales capability, you will need your sales professionals to be highly productive and well supported. You must minimise the time they spend on tasks like administration, proposal production, sales process reviews, reviews and forecasting, but you still need to ensure those tasks get done! 

This ExecKIT® module explains how to set up and run a sales office that will support the sales team and increase its productivity, whilst ensuring the quality and integrity of the sales operation. 

Sales forecasting

  • Do you want an accurate sales forecast?

  • Do you want it to be easy to compile?

  • Do you want to have complete confidence in what it tells you?

Good sales and revenue forecasting is the hallmark of a management team in control of their business. Poor forecasting paralyses the company (or business unit) and corrosively undermines the confidence of external stakeholders. 

Bad forecasting is often blamed on technology, but far more often arises from confusion about what the forecast is for, what terms mean and how the forecast is compiled. Misunderstanding and mixed messages cloud the issue. This ExecKIT® module helps you to tackle these issues and get a forecast you can rely on. It helps you to:

  • clearly define forecasting terms

  • ensure everyone understands the scope of the forecast and what

  • it is for

  • create a policy for dealing with the "grey areas" to eliminate uncertainty from the forecast

  • apply standard win chance definitions

  • define the process for building the forecast

  • analyse the consolidated data factually

  • report the sales forecast to meet stakeholder needs.

Call planning and reporting 

The sales call is the cornerstone of all sophisticated business. If two companies are considering establishing or growing a commercial relationship, the seller must understand what the buyer wants, and the buyer must understand what the seller can provide. 

During that conversation the customer will form clear ideas about the seller. The hours in front of the customer are vital. How can you be sure you have prepared properly for the call, ensure you get the information you need, and do enough to move the sales process to the next phase?

In this ExecKIT® module we describe PROUD OSCAR®, our consultative (or solutions) selling call model that is used by companies all around the world. We also provide a call planning and reporting form based on the PROUD OSCAR® model to enable your sales team to plan and report sales calls that drive up deal size and win chance. 

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