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Sales planning

Sales planning gets the sales team on track by providing direction and motivation. It ensures the sales team know what to sell, how to sell it, and who to sell it to.

The ExecKIT® Sales Planning Methodology ensures you set up the sales operation for maximum success.

Sales management 

Time is precious for the sales director. In addition to inevitable involvement in urgent sales campaigns, he or she must understand the market, define territories, build the team, get the right people into the right jobs, set objectives and commission plans, resolve disputes and manage the sales process effectively. 

This ExecKIT® module helps you to:

  • understand your market and define territories

  • build the sales team that builds you

  • allocate sales objectives and targets

  • produce motivating and consistent commission plans

  • define and improve the sales process

  • establish and run the sales management process.

Customer relationship management 

  • Do you want to improve customer loyalty?

  • Do you need to increase the profitability of customer relationships?

  • Would you like to reduce the cost of sales?

We all know that our customers are our most important asset, but how often do other priorities crowd out the vital activity of staying in touch with people who have bought from us before?

Customer relationship management is the process of understanding your customer base in detail and defining a plan to maintain contact in a way that is pragmatic and effective. This ExecKIT® module helps you to define and execute a customer relationship management plan.

Key account management

  • Do you want to sell increased business at higher margins?

  • Do you want to guarantee successful long-term business with your biggest customers?

  • Do you want to defeat competition before the battle even starts?

  • Do you want to be seen as a "business partner" rather than a "vendor"?

Good key account management transforms your company from "just another supplier" to a "valued business partner". To plan and manage a key account, you must first understand what your customer's business does and build up a clear picture of the business challenges they face. Account activity must help the customer to address those challenges. Proposals must be directly relevant to the business challenge and clearly explained in those terms. 

You need to understand the customer's formal and informal decision-making processes and the people involved. Only by truly aligning your activity with the achievement of the customer's business agenda and also with the personal agenda of the people involved, can you ensure your activity will be seen as adding value. 

This ExecKIT® module helps you to develop a winning key account plan that adds value to your customer and increases margins and sales. 

Territory planning

A sales professional's territory may consist of a single account, a few named accounts, a particular geography, or an industry sector. However defined, the successful sales professional must devise an optimum plan to attack the territory in such a way as to maximise the chances of success.

How will you engage with the territory? Do you know who your potential buyers are? Do you know what people you need to see? How much effort should you put into each opportunity? What approach can you use to new customers? How can you maximise your use of resources?

This ExecKIT® module enables the sales professional to create a territory plan to maximise success.

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Sales management
Customer relationship management
Key account management
Territory planning
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