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SalesEXEC 05 Welcome to selling!

SalesEXEC 05 informs, motivates and inspires the new or prospective sales professional. It looks at the importance of selling, what the successful sales professional actually does and the variety of rewards the sales professional can achieve.

SalesEXEC 05 explains the pivotal position of the sales professional in achieving a successful business relationship, and the responsibilities and duties which result. It explodes the many myths that surround the profession, for example: that salesmen are born and not made; that good salesmen are good talkers; or that aggressive, "foot in the door" tactics lead to success. 

This module covers

  • An introduction to selling

  • The rewards of the sales profession

  • Characteristics of success

  • Understanding the sales job

  • Case studies and role models

  • Selling as a process


The course will use substantial hands-on case study material based on actual projects and will allow delegates to role-play common project management moments-of-truth including "handling the jubilant salesman". 

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