SalesEXEC 30 Managing the sales campaign

Whilst the interpersonal and relationship elements of sales are vitally important, successful selling also depends on creating a pipeline of opportunities, which are moved as rapidly as possible from the wish list to the customer list. 

This vital module of the SalesEXEC 100 programme looks at selling as a series of activities, from preparing an initial approach to a new prospect, right through to accepting the order and getting the project successfully under way. It provides the sales professional with clear guidance on the necessary activities to guarantee consistent business with minimum effort. 

SalesEXEC 30 gives highly specific guidance, fully supported by the ExecKIT® Sales Suite, on exactly how to perform each element of the sales process. 

At the end of this training module delegates will have an explicit understanding of the steps within the sales cycle, and will have used the ExecKIT® Sales Suite material to plan each step as it applies to their own territories and offerings. 

The specific topics covered are

  • The buying cycle

  • The purchasing team

  • The sales cycle

  • The sales team

  • Building the value statement

  • Prospecting

  • Qualification

  • Sales campaign planning

    • Buying roles

    • Analysing the decision making process

    • Building the sales proposition

    • Defining the sales campaign

  • Proposal production

  • Risk assessment and planning

  • Sales and contract negotiation

  • Order acceptance


Delegates apply the ExecKIT® Sales Suite material to their own sales situations wherever possible, creating plans that can be put into operation immediately on their return to the office.

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