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SalesEXEC 40 Selling in writing

Whilst selling is usually thought of as a "face-to-face" activity, in any complex sale, effective use of the written word is critical. The experienced sales professional uses written communication to show understanding of the prospect's issues, to expand the buying criteria into areas favourable to the sales case, to crystallise the key selling messages, and to manage risk.

Most importantly they use writing to help reduce a complex problem for the customer to a simple decision, enabling the customer to act. This module looks at how the sales professional can use the written word as a powerful ally in achieving success. 

The module covers

  • Letters that secure appointments

  • Letters to summarise meetings and establish buying criteria

  • The use of emails

  • Proposal documents


The module also establishes the key components of good written communication, especially the need for clear, concise language and structure. 

It covers

  • Communicating the sales message

  • The importance of context

  • Anticipating the audience

  • Document structure

  • Business conventions

  • Cosmetics

  • Managing risk


Delegates are required to analyse examples of letters and proposal documents and then to produce their own documents which are constructively appraised.

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