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SalesEXEC 50 Consultative selling

...incorporating PROUD OSCAR®

To succeed in selling complex solutions, the sales professional needs to master a complete set of empathetic communications and selling skills. These skills must be explicitly understood and ingrained to the point where they become instinctive, enabling the sales professional to focus on problem solving and adding value.

SalesEXEC 50 teaches a "consultative" style of selling and provides delegates with a specialised sales call model especially developed for the sale of complex solutions. It is underpinned with a highly practical set of skills which are the foundation tools for the high-level communication that is needed to help move a customer towards a "win/win" position. 

This module covers

  • The challenge of consultative selling

  • Our PROUD OSCAR® consultative selling call model

    • PRepare

    • Open

    • Understand the pain

    • Diagnose the problem(s)

    • Overall Summary

    • Credentials

    • Advise

    • Ratify and close

This training module provides extensive opportunities to practise the new skills in role-play exercises.

If you are interested in finding out more about SalesEXEC 50 and PROUD OSCAR® contact us 

Here is feedback from recent delegates of SalesEXEC 50 Consultative selling 
"Great job. The instructor kept it fresh and interesting, and offered new insights to topics we face every day. The new ways of doing business will help us tremendously in growing the business." 

"Thanks for showing us more ways to grow our revenue." 

"The training offered great ways to help sell solutions and get away from being box pushers." 

"It was great; now that I have had a taste I want more." 

"The training introduced concepts and strategies that forced us to look at solutions differently, scary but necessary."

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