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SalesEXEC 60 Key account management

The majority of companies rely on a small proportion of their customers for the lion's share of their income. These key accounts need and deserve special attention. Few companies, however, are truly expert at managing key accounts by anticipating their needs and adding the value that amounts to far more than just product and service provision.

SalesEXEC 60 helps you to produce key account plans that will transform your company from "just another supplier", to a "valued business partner". This module introduces the most important concepts of account management, enabling account teams to think and act in a way which aligns their success to that of their customer. 

The module covers

  • The importance of account management

  • Aligning business goals

  • Customer satisfaction, loyalty and retention

  • Understanding the account

  • Culture and decision-making

  • Formal and informal power bases

  • Roles and responsibilities

  • Developing the contact base

  • Developing the account


The module then supports the delegate to an ambitious and achievable account plan containing the following elements

  • Environment analysis

  • Charter

  • Goals

  • Programmes

  • Contact plan

  • Objectives and milestones

  • Actions

  • The account management process


The output from the module is a coherent account plan.

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