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SalesEXEC 70 Sales negotiation

Negotiating sales requires specialised knowledge, careful preparation and well-developed sales, negotiation and interpersonal skills. The skilled negotiator moves smoothly to an acceptable agreement, maximises and enriches the benefits of the deal, avoids the traps set by the unscrupulous, and still leaves the other party feeling positive about the whole experience! 

SalesEXEC 70 provides advanced coaching, exercises and role-play in the specialised area of negotiating sales. After completing this module, delegates will be able to plan and execute sales negotiations maximising the benefits of the deal to both parties. 

The module covers

  • Introducing the negotiation model

  • The characteristics of negotiation

  • Buyer profiles

  • Giving freely and how to avoid it

  • Buyer objections

  • Planning the negotiation

  • Advanced negotiation skills

  • Handling pressure

  • Stotting

  • Bluffing and probing

  • Signalling

  • Conditional offers


The module also examines strategies for dealing with the classic issues of IT services negotiation including price, delays, loose specifications, intellectual property, licence terms, warranty and support.

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