SalesEXEC 80 Selling successful projects

The selling of complex solutions is always a team effort with delivery (pre-sales, project management or consultants) playing an important role in convincing the customer to act. It is vital for the sales professional to demonstrate to the prospect that they understand (and care about) how the project will be delivered. Skilful exposure of the delivery process to the customer is a potent sales weapon that is very often neglected.

SalesEXEC 80 ensures that the sales professional works with colleagues from the delivery organisation to make sure their involvement achieves maximum impact. It teaches the vocabulary of project management and shows the sales professional how to work with both the customer and the delivery team to present a professional proposal which everyone believes will be successfully delivered. 

The module covers

  • Delivery processes

  • Project definition

  • Project planning

  • Risk planning

  • Project monitoring

  • Project control

  • Risk management

  • Project reporting

  • Project completion

  • Post project reviews

  • Working effectively with delivery colleagues

  • Handling imprecise specifications


The module provides role-play and practical exercises.

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