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SalesEXEC 90 Advanced ROI selling

The only sure way to make a high value sale is to work with a prospect more effectively than competition to develop a compelling business case which delivers a strong Return on Investment (ROI). They must then demonstrate clearly how the benefits can be obtained at minimal risk. 

However, to work with the customer in this way requires a good grasp of financial concepts and disciplines, as well as a complete set of accomplished sales skills. 

SalesEXEC 90 shows how to build a compelling business case. In a realistic case study the delegate is required to make sales calls to extract the information required to build a business case, and then present the findings to a customer "main board". 

The module covers

  • Financial concepts

  • The structure of business cases

  • Quantifying benefits

  • Examples and models

  • Targeting interest groups

  • Extracting financial information

  • Building the business case and ROI

  • Winning support

  • Presenting the business case

  • Handling objections


The module provides an intensive and challenging case study where many of the key skills assimilated during the SalesEXEC 100 programme are put to the test in challenging circumstances. The workshop includes role-play sales calls and presentations.

If you are interested in finding out more about SalesEXEC 90 contact us

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