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The Commercial Project Manager

This introduction to commercial project management teaches a powerful approach to working with the technology company sales team and the customer to drive commercial success. It enables the participant to understand the sales process and to work as a proactive member of the team. It also focuses on the profit impact of good commercial project management on the business.

This module includes


  • Introduction to commercial project management

  • Overview of the sales process

  • Call planning and reporting

  • Questioning technique

  • Effective listening

  • Team selling

  • The ExecKIT® consultative selling call model PROUD OSCAR®

    • PRepare

    • Open

    • Understand the pain

    • Diagnose the problem(s)

    • Overall Summary

    • Credentials

    • Advise

    • Ratify and close

  • Classifying and handling objections

  • The project commercial lifecycle

  • Pricing and costing

  • Risk analysis and management

  • Contract management

  • Project negotiation

  • Commercial reviews

  • Identifying further opportunities

  • Learning the lessons


The course will use substantial hands-on case study material and provide opportunities to practise the new skills in role-play exercises.

If you are interested in finding out more about The Commercial Project Manager contact us

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