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"ChangeBEAT's execution capability, backed up by their tools, rapidly produced what we needed." 

ChangeBEAT's tools

Our change methodology, WingBEAT, is backed up by our extensive ToolSET, a key reason why we can deliver the benefits you need, twice as fast and at half the cost of the Big Name Consultant. 

Some executives are very interested in our methodology and tools because they give confidence in our expertise and execution capability. Others couldn’t care less. They just want the results. 

Either way our ToolSET is a big part of our value proposition so here is a description of they key ones we use.


Visioner is the tool that enables a ChangeBEAT facilitator to drive a workshop to initiate a change programme by developing an inspiring vision, defining goals, metrics and key challenges. 


BenchMARKER is ChangeBEAT's database of over 11,000 data points from over 200 technology companies. It provides a way for customers to assess company performance by comparing Key Performance Indicators to industry norms and enables stack ranking, market segment comparison and trend analysis. 


The Analyser is our tool which helps us to break down specific problems (such as "project overruns", or "not enough leads") to ensure our change programmes are well conceived and address the root causes rather than the symptoms of problems. 


Without a clear business case there is no reason to embark upon a business improvement programme. BenefitMAPPER is a full methodology with supporting tools that is used to develop a business case and to enable people to understand how the change programme will drive business improvements and results. 


IssueMAPPER is our structured approach to solving a particular business problem or issue. 


ChangeMAPPER enables us rapidly to specify a business improvement programme for our customers. Our description of a business improvement (or a new or transformed business) will usually include a very detailed plan for the short term, and a higher level description of future activities.


ProcessMAPPER is a detailed end-to-end process map of activities performed by a technology company covering business planning, marketing, sales, delivery, and management support. 

Inside ProcessMAPPER is a definition of how each sub-process adds value. ProcessMAPPER provides a powerful model against which to compare a real company's processes. It enables comparison with industry best practice by establishing the presence or absence of the elements of process and the associated deliverables. 


BaseKIT provides a rapid route to well structured, high-quality business process documentation. It provides document definitions, templates, file naming conventions, standards and change control procedures to enable the rapid development of a new or improved process. 


ExecKIT is a prime asset of ChangeBEAT consisting of our substantial library of reusable best practice guides, templates and tools defining industry best practice. ExecKIT is in use by customers around the world. Some examples of ExecKIT tools are: business plan templates; stakeholder analysis methods; marketing planning methodologies; product development plans; process guides; service product descriptions; marketing collateral templates; sales plans; qualification checklists; project definition templates; CV templates.

ExecKIT contains over five hundred field-tested tools developed by experienced industry specialists, and are in active use by company professionals around the globe.


TrainingMAPPER is our methodology and toolkit for developing customised training. It relies on best practice in training development theory, embracing ideas like “brain friendly” training such as “chunking”, designing for different learning styles and so on. It contains many examples of successful training material and guidelines on how to go about developing training successful


This tool enables us to identify key stakeholders for the programme and to build a plan to manage them. 


Communicator is our tool to enable the development and delivery of a communications plan to communicate with the people in the field about the change. This tool complements StakeholderMANAGER but is analogous to marketing communications activities to mass communicate the work that is being done.


A suitable distribution mechanism for the business improvement support material is vital. Unless the material is readily available, how can people in the field be expected to use it effectively? One obvious way to distribute it is using an intranet site and FieldKIT provides a flexible, multi-view way to present process material and tools to make it as easy as possible for a user to access. 


Defining and rolling out the improvement is only the start. It is SupportKIT that actually drives home the business improvement for our customers by supporting, reviewing and measuring use, defining plans to improve usage, and gathering feedback on how the process should be improved. This feedback is then used to drive the next round of performance improvement. 

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Our tools are extensive and complete...
...they help us deliver twice the value for half the cost
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