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SalesEXEC 100

Sales are the lifeblood of every company, but only special people succeed in this profession. Many business people, however, completely underestimate the role of the sales professional. 

SalesEXEC 100 is an integrated learning environment combining study, work assignments, role-play, practice and individual coaching. This flagship course provides a comprehensive programme for generating top performing sales professionals. It focuses on effective selling in a tight market where cast iron business cases are the key to success. 

SalesEXEC 100 recognises that it is time to get serious about selling. It is a comprehensive programme to turn sales talent into consistent achievement. 

SalesEXEC 100 provides


  • Top communications and selling skills

  • A proven sales process for swift execution and savvy decisions

  • Practice and individual coaching to hone performance

SalesEXEC 100 does far more than expose sales professionals to good ideas. It permanently changes and optimises behaviour to achieve sales success. 

Read the feedback from some of our recent customers. 


SalesEXEC 100 consists of the following modules 

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